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We welcome all the readers of the Pilot's Web Aviation Journal. As the electronic media becomes an ordinary source of information in the modern society, we offer this journal as a free source of information and other related aviation issues. Our mission is to bring the best aviation articles and stories to our readers. The emphasis will be on enrichment and dissemination of knowledge. 
The Pilot's Web Network offers a Free Web Email account for all of our readers. In addition, our network includes Web search and a Pilot Community Feature (Bulletin Board and Chat). 
Our door is open for talented individuals who are interested in joining this endeavor. Interested writers, graphic artists and home page designers are welcome to contact us via e-mail. 
This is to acknowledge the contributions of writers who participated in the original editions of the Pilot's Web. The author's names will appear with their respective articles.

Last update June 16, 2009
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